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For our part, we were instructed to develop the design of the panels for the channel on Twitch. We personally think minimalism is the best thing we have connected with, and we apply this in our works. Panel design development is one of

"EVSY_TOXIC" - this is the most ambitious, interesting and promising Twitch channel we've worked with.

the simplest of our works, it took very little time. We, in turn, began developing the design according to the personal preferences of the streamer himself.

We have completely redesigned the twitch panels.


We used a background fill with a relatively ideal color, perfect for dark twitch designs.


It is also suitable for light design, but we would personally make a separate design for the light design of twitch, but due to the fact that twitch does not have a separation of design for different website designs, we have to work with what we have.


In the process of work, we thought for a long time about the layout of placing everything necessary on the panel, and we decided to use the service logo on the left side, on the right side there will be all the text, while the text "go" was supplied with a gradient in the style of the service logo.


The panel development process is shown below ↓


Development process ↓

Date of issue: 10.06.2019


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